Sunday, April 12, 2015

Do You Know Me?

Do you know me? You know what I am willing to share. You know of me. You know little snippets carefully edited leaving shreds and shards of truth; parade confetti turned litter. You can deduce and decide and interpret based on what I present. I am all of the things you believe, and none of them.

I am strong when my strength is needed to carry another towards victory. I am weak when my demons and fears devour that fortitude. I am joyful and joyous at this exquisite world filled with beauty and light and life. I am immersed in sadness so profound it clings to me like a viscous shroud. I am angered at injustice and unfairness. I am soothed by seemingly insignificant acts of kindness.

I am a child seeing and tasting and experiencing life without the cynicism of advanced age. I am an old crone bitter and jaded. I am an eager teenager yearning for acceptance and love. I am a wise battle-worn adult holding high my mistakes and trials as hard won trophies. I am an infant needing to be swaddled and cuddled. I am a petulant prepubescent craving solitude.

I am fastidiously sloppy. I am acutely dull. I am clearly misunderstood. I am mundanely unique. I am a happy pessimist. I am hopelessly optimistic.  I am tragically amusing. I am a conservative liberal. I am an armchair activist. I am a passionate pacifist.

I am witty and wry. I am corny and silly. I am serious and studious. I am laid back and high maintenance. I am introspective and shallow. I am curious and apathetic. I am flippant and sincere. I am sarcastic and literal. I am empathetic and unfeeling.

I hurt. I ache. I curse. I needle. I sneer. I erupt. I falter. I fail. 

I giggle. I sing. I jump. I dance. I snort. I hug. I soothe. I triumph.  

I heal. I love.

I am human. I am me.

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